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LED circuit board


There are 2 kinds of circuit boards used to make LED fluorescent lamp: aluminium substrate and glass fiber board.

1.Aluminum substrate: most of the fluorescent lamps on the market are made of aluminum substrate. The aluminum base plate structure is composed of a circuit board layer, a heat conduction insulating layer and an aluminum base layer.

2.Circuit board layer: the copper foil with high current carrying capacity is used as the circuit, the price of copper is relatively high, so the thickness of copper foil directly affects the price of aluminum substrate. On the market, some of the aluminum substrate to do a little thinner copper foil, the price is cheaper, but the current carrying capacity of products will be reduced.

3.Thermal insulation: thermal insulation effect of the best is a kind of special ceramic polymer, but the price is very high, the price of aluminum plate made of the material in 1000 yuan / square above, it is difficult to accept such a price in china. In order to reduce costs and improve competitiveness, the market substitutes for other materials, such as epoxy resin, glass cloth and so on.

4.Aluminum base: aluminum plate is generally used as a metal support components, but also useful copper plate, heat conduction effect better, but the price is very high. The basic requirement of aluminum base is good thermal conductivity and not easy to bend.

5.Glass fiber board: in order to pursue the price advantage, some manufacturers use glass fiber board to do PCB circuit. There are several kinds of glass fiber board, the price is not the same, the sub thin point, there are the following: glass fiber board, single-sided copper foil, glass fiber board, double-sided copper foil stripping fiber board, perforated glass fiber copper foil.

Glass fiber board: this kind of PCB board is directly distributed on the board, no other processing, this kind of board price is the cheapest, but almost no heat dissipation ability.