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Led lights and electrodeless lamp competition


   As the leading Chinese green lighting market, two types of energy-saving products, LED lights and electrodeless lamps will be better in the future market competition in the industry have been debated.
   From the applicable type of view, LED lights and electrodeless lamps have their own division, because the LED light unit power is small, resulting in the project on the high-power LED lights can not be compared with the electrodeless lamp; Similarly, in the low-power landscape lighting, Indicating lighting, display, the lamp and LED lights. "In the functional lighting, the electrodeless light source contrast LED light source has a more obvious advantage." someone admitted that LED lights in the field of functional lighting at the beginning of the low luminous efficiency, light failure, cooling solution is not good, poor product consistency And other defects. The electrodeless lamp of this emerging light source in the field of functional lighting has high luminous efficiency, light fades, can instantaneous start and other advantages.
   From the price, LED lights and electrodeless lights relative to the traditional lighting in terms of expensive. As most of the LED lights chip using foreign technology, the price is not low natural. The electrodeless lamp, although the price is slightly higher than the traditional lighting, but because it can use energy contract management model, the user can "zero" investment, so favored by the user.
    Technically speaking, the electrodeless lamp and LED lighting technology used in different ways, but both the product life, energy efficiency and other aspects are not far behind.
   From the technical maturity point of view, the quality of domestic LED products is not perfect, most of the core business LED lights from foreign imports. And LED lights by foreign patents under the heavy constraints, the relevant patent is still firmly in the hands of domestic enterprises, the current international market, about 90% of the electrodeless lamp made by the Chinese, many electrodeless lighting business production technology has reached International advanced level.http://www.new-lights.com/