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Cause LED lights explode


   LED lights explosion is inevitable, whether indoors or industrial lighting, should cause everyone's attention. led light green low heat why it will cause an explosion, Now tell you to analyze together:
1, a kind of lamp beads fire: first of all to analyze the structure of the lamp. Lamp is composed of lamp beads and drivers, the normal use is: 220v AC connection light source driver linked to the 12v lamp beads. Beads of fire is to start the power removed, the 220v AC directly connected to the low voltage beads, turn on the power switch light beads will be an instant breakdown, it is difficult to cause a fire. The main cause of the fire is a short circuit caused by wet conditions.
2, the other is the driver power supply fire: The main reason is the drive capacitor capacitance is small, not a qualified current settings. Lower voltage is very easy to cause a fire, led lights manufacturers formal market, circuit flow are normal settings, the main reason is that manufacturers or small factories manufacturing lighting products, quality does not meet the standard. The second is caused by the personal transformation of the line, hereby warn everyone to use the regular manufacturers to buy led lighting products, not to change the light source line, not to cause unnecessary safety.