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Elementary introduction to the principle and characteristics of LED panel lamp


    LED panel lamp is a high-grade indoor lighting lamps, light source for LED, the entire lamp design beautiful, simple and luxurious atmosphere, both good lighting effect, but also to bring people the feeling of beauty. LED panel lights on the principles and features, the following for everyone to analyze and introduce:
The principle of LED panel light
   The structure of the LED panel lamp is composed of a backlight module, a light source, a drive, an outer frame structure and a diffusion plate. Light from the light guide material on both sides of the quadrilateral or to shine light through the light guide plate, the interference pattern after processing, let the light direction change, Everbright part is interference to the diffusion plate direction of injection, a small part is reflected to the reflecting material for second reflections, is light to shine, to achieve the purpose of lighting.
LED panel lamp features
   Energy saving: high efficiency, energy saving, no pollution, DC drive, ultra-low power consumption, more than 70% energy saving than traditional light source;
Environmental protection: its spectrum without ultraviolet and infrared, that is, no heat, no radiation, can be safe touch, belong to a typical green lighting source;
Long life: the life of the LED light source has reached more than 100000 hours, with a lot of popularity of the continuous development of LED technology and application technology, in the drive and cooling can reach the ideal state, quality of life of LED light commercial reached 10000-50000 hours, almost 10-50 times of the halogen lamp. ;
Application flexibility: ultra-thin, lightweight, easy installation, save space, you can make any graphic shapes, any color, you can also design color effects as required.
Light emitting mode: the light source is light shining on the side of the side, and the surface of the light source is bright and clean, and the illumination is even, and the utility model is soft and not dazzling.http://www.new-lights.com/