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Energy-saving lamps energy-saving principle


Energy-saving lamps use the principle of gas discharge operation, its name is self-ballasted fluorescent lamps, in addition to white (cold light), there are still yellow (warm light). In general, under the same wattage, an energy-saving lamp can save 80% of energy than incandescent lamps, with an average life expectancy of 8 times and heat radiation of only 20%. Non-strict cases, a 5-watt CFL lighting can be considered equal to 25-watt incandescent, 7-watt energy-saving light is about equal to 40 watts, 9 watts is equal to about 60 watts.
For a considerable period of time, some places and manufacturers blindly large energy-saving lamp project, due to its capital, technology, raw materials and technology in the case of full implementation, hurriedly made the product quality can not be guaranteed, the enterprises Of the product quality imbalance, the vicious auction mess up the market, not according to the requirements of the production process, the assembly plant using substandard lamps and components patchwork composed of quality and low price, seriously damaged the reputation of energy-saving lamps, low luminous efficiency , Short life expectancy, poor consistency, resulting in energy-saving lamps in the community to produce energy-saving argument that the promotion of energy-saving lamps has brought a great negative impact.
Now we are talking about energy-saving products are mainly for incandescent terms. Ordinary incandescent light efficiency of about 10 lumens per watt or so, life expectancy of about 1000 hours, its working principle is: When the lamp access circuit, the current flows through the filament, the current thermal effects, so that incandescent light emitted continuous and visible Infrared, the phenomenon of the filament temperature rose to 700K that can be perceived, due to the high temperature of the filament at work, most of the energy was wasted in the form of infrared radiation, the filament temperature is high, evaporation is also very fast, so the life Shorten, about 1000 hours or so.
Energy-saving lamps are mainly through the ballast to the lamp filament heating, about 1160K temperature, the filament began to emit electrons (because the filament coated with some electronic powder), electron collision of argon atoms produce inelastic collision, argon atom collision Get the energy and impact mercury atoms, mercury atoms in the absorption of energy after the transition ionization, issued 253.7nm UV, ultraviolet excitation phosphor, the fluorescent lamp working temperature of about 1160K than the incandescent lamp operating temperature 2200K-2700K So much lower, so its lifespan is also greatly increased, reaching more than 5000 hours, because it does not exist as the current thermal effects of incandescent, phosphor energy conversion efficiency is also very high, reaching more than 50 lumens per watt.