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Energy-saving lamps to install the essentials


   1, Good ventilation. The operation of the energy-saving lamp will be affected by room temperature, the temperature is too high will make the luminous decline, trigger the ignition process will be difficult. Therefore, to avoid its installation in the sealed place, lighting, shade should be well ventilated, so that the temperature can not be distributed due to heat and continued to rise, affecting energy-saving performance.
   2, The lamp weight does not exceed the lamp load. Energy-saving lamps (especially the old inductive) than the general tungsten bulb larger and heavier, so use energy-saving lamps should pay attention to the size of the shade or lighting with. Also pay attention to the lamp holder, especially the multi-bulb lighting, can support the weight of the lamp. If you find the lamp holder is loose, you have to replace or repair immediately.
   3, Due to the different working principle, can not be used directly to the energy-saving lamps incandescent dimming system (such as dimming lamps, etc.). Also note that in particular, when installing energy-saving lamps, do not hold the lamp, so as to avoid damage.