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From the LED light source to distinguish the type of LED bulb


   LED bulb according to the use of the light source to distinguish between roughly divided into several categories; the laws of physics, electricity into light energy and heat; so when the single light source power is greater when the focus on a single light source above the heat Large, another angle that is the power of a single light source, the greater the heat, the heat conduction on the requirements of the more stringent;
   Early LED bulb with 1W a high-power light source to produce, so the higher the cooling requirements of the shell;
   Then there is a 0.5W with a light source of the bulb, the heat generated by a single light source has been further shared;
   And finally produce a 0.2W a light source of the bulb, further to produce the heat to further share; in fact, this part of the light source of this change also led to changes in the shell of the bulb; the light output Heat to share at the same time, the bulb shell heat dissipation requirements are gradually reduced; this also directly reduces the price of LED bulb, making the acceptance of the vast number of consumers greatly improved; for the promotion also provides a huge contribution;
   Finally, the power supply part of the LED bulb roughly brief introduction;
   LED bulb power supply there are several types, first of all to be introduced, the LED light source brightness is determined by the drive current, the same power LED light source products, single W drive the greater the current, it means a single W LED light source brightness will be higher, the same output heat is also greater; so the general LED bulb power supply are used constant current drive way to work to ensure that the brightness of LED light source constant and stable;
   So the LED bulb drive power are basically constant current drive, in the constant current drive on the basis of the LED bulb in order to extend the service life; some manufacturers in the use of constant current drive power at the same time, will drive the electrolytic capacitor Chip capacitors or other non-electrolytic capacitors; that is, in the long-term use, to prevent the electrolytic capacitor electrolyte caused by the failure of the LED bulb; greatly extend the life of LED bulb;
   Of course, there is a cheap drive on the market is the use of RC structure of the drive; this will change with the voltage lead to changes in the drive current, this drive mode prevalence of strobe; and in the external power supply voltage changes Of the area, LED bulb brightness will fluctuate at any time; generally used for low-end products;
   The above is the LED bulb of the general product composition; only for your reference.http://www.new-lights.com/