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How to choose LED lighting office


   With the changes in the form of paperless office in recent years, people began to pay attention to the impact of office lighting on the eyes and the body, the requirements of office lighting has also increased, then the LED lights in the office lighting application of how much?
   At present, the commonly used office lighting products are mainly LED panel lights, LED fluorescent tubes, LED line lights, lifting bar lights and so on. Office lighting is very diverse, there are open large office, compartment office, corridor and channel area, reception room, etc., how to arrange these areas of light?
   1, open large office:
   This office is commonly used in a range of open office spaces such as customer service centers and technical offices, so that lighting is done with a full and as uniform lighting as possible for all surfaces so that all workstations can be adequately illuminated for efficient development jobs.
   Lighting is conducive to the staff's physical comfort, and produce health, safety, vigilance and other feelings. The main lighting can be used LED panel lights or LED hoisting line lights.
   2, compartment office, such as manager office:
   The manager's office often reflects the manager's taste and personality, high quality furniture, artwork and other decorations, depicting a successful picture of colleagues and business prospects.
   And in the office are generally more talkative tasks, {ԌE{ment of the company to develop a variety of decisions. In the lighting requirements, the top of the desk should meet the minimum 300LX illumination, the lighting of the guest area to be a little soft, the illumination in the 200LX better.
   Can be used 3W or 5W  LED panel lights. Ceiling can be installed on the high-power LED line mining lamp.
   3, the office walkway:
   Office walkway area illumination and office area with a reasonable transition illumination, illumination control in the 200LX or so. Lighting lamps can be used LED downlight, or the use of hidden LED lights with a combination of methods, should not use the smooth reflector.
   4, lounge and reception room:
   Lounge and reception room is equivalent to the company's "business card", the first impression is very important, lighting can help these offices to achieve the desired results, light atmosphere to ease the main, you can use LED panel lights or LED lifting line panel lights.
   At present, the new office building, is gradually adopted, LED panel lights, LED line lights. LED hoisting linear lights, the proportion has improved, looking forward to the LED line lights into the field of office lighting.