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How to choose LED lights?


    Home decoration selection of lamps is inevitable, the shape of the lamp needs and decoration style and use function coordination. The style and shape of the lamp is benevolent see benevolence, the wise see wisdom of things, do not have to say here. This article mainly tells the average consumer how to choose the right lamps, especially LED lamps, both to meet the needs of the lighting environment, but also to meet the requirements of healthy lighting.
   1, LED lights are not as bright as possible
   Ordinary consumers easily into a misunderstanding, when a white LED lights and a warm LED lights together, that the white light than the warm tone of the light, mistakenly think that the better white light. In fact, in our long-term residence, stay in the place, should choose 4000K and below the color temperature of the LED lights, which can effectively reduce or avoid the impact of blue light on human health, for the protection of vision also has a very important significance.
   2, select the harmonic content of less light
   Harmonics more professional, ordinary consumers are not easy to understand, the election lights can not determine the harmonic content of more and less. Our AC is a 50Hz sine wave, but due to the use of a large number of electronic products and other non-linear load, resulting in our power or the line current is not a pure sine wave, which is mixed with other frequencies of the waveform, the higher the harmonic content, The greater the impact. Harmonics have many kinds of hazards, for the user, the energy consumption increases, the radio will cause interference and so on.
   How do we simply judge harmonics? We can take a semiconductor radio, close to the LED lights, if the radio noise is greater, indicating that the higher the harmonic content of LED lights, the radio interference is also more powerful.
   3, to reduce the impact of strobe effect
   Stroboscopic effect is also a professional term, that is, in a certain frequency of light irradiation, the observed movement of objects showing a static or different from its actual state of motion. Consumers do not understand. Strobe effect is also due to 50Hz AC caused, then we put 50Hz AC into a higher frequency or become a DC This problem is not resolved? The Indeed, we can take the phone or camera shooting video mode to determine, if the display screen LED lights show more jitter, indicating that strobe more serious, the human eye will be harmful.http://www.new-lights.com/