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How to Choose Superior LED Bulb Light


Human has been use of light for 200 years of history, from the earliest incandescent to later fluorescent, energy saving lamps, LED Bulb Light, every change is accompanied by a huge upgrade of the quality of the light source.
In recent years, we are no longer strange for the LED light source, but its real life experience is not known to everyone. Today, we talk about those LED lights that are different from the characteristics of the older generation, which is why more and more families choose LED lighting reasons.
1. Energy saving
We all know LED is energy saving, but you really can not think of how much it saves. The same lighting effect of the case, the power consumption is one thousandth of incandescent. This kind of scientific and technological progress is really great. Converted into electricity, the use of LED filament lamp than the use of the same lighting effect of energy-saving lamps!
2. More beautiful
LED filament brightness and color temperature can be adjusted, and can achieve continuous change, to achieve the heart to adjust to meet the needs of space activities. This is the traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps are difficult to do Oh.
3. More safe
Traditional incandescent lamp always has a neglected shortcomings of fever, especially children with the family, always worried about the lamp, bedside lamp to attract children to touch, causing burns. And LED does not produce infrared, less heat; the same time, LED cooling method is different from the traditional halogen light source, the heat is distributed down, the surface almost no heat, even if the direct touch no security risks.In the wine cabinet, bookcase, wardrobe, cabinets and other lighting, because often need to take items and cleaning cabinets, select LED lighting will not produce burning sensation, body feeling more comfortable, and more secure.