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How to Install a LED Bulb


When it comes to energy-efficient lighting electricians and lighting designers, know that LED is located above the hierarchy. Like fluorescent lamps and other bulbs, LED lights have different powers. But for standard bright lighting, you can choose a high output T8 22W tub.

Installation is easier. However, it is important that you use a lamp ballast that must be specifically configured for the LED. Remember: you can not place the LED lights in fluorescent lamps, and vice versa. To do this, you may need to clear the ballast to adjust the wiring. To do this, follow this step-by-step procedure.

Step 1: Make sure the power is turned off to prevent electric shock during installation. Once completed, you need to bypass the electronic ballast. Connect the wires stored by all tubes to the neutral line and the other to the line voltage. Although you need to connect the correct wire to the correct location, but once you have completed this step, you can place the tube.

Step 2: Now you have followed the previous steps to bypass the electronic ballast, and now please continue to check. So far, your line voltage has been neutral and through your lamps into the ground. The ground is connected to a specific shredder. You can remove a tube from the tube next to the cutter and hook it on all the wires coming out of the lamp. These will be assigned to neutral. Tracking the line entering the node, and all the harnesses coming out from the other side will serve as the voltage of the hotline. Use the T8 LED tube, as long as you correctly assigned the wire, you can place the tube in any way.

Step 3: Before placing the clamps together, first check that all wiring is working properly. To do this place an LED lamp and turn on the power again. If it lights up, then it is working. After that, put the cover back in place and turn off the power again.

Step 4: Place all T8 LEDs before the last step is to place the sticker or label on the board. This indicates that the lamp has been adjusted to specifically fit the LED lamp. This will allow the electrician who will replace the pipe in the future to know which fixture can be used for which particular pipe. Once the fixture is adjusted to an LED, it will no longer be used for fluorescent lamps or other types of lamps. See the label / sticker located in the center of the plate or other easily accessible place.

Step 5: Now place all the tubes and other labels in the light box. The whole process takes about 3-5 minutes. After completing this step, you can reopen the cover. Test all lights by turning on the switch.