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Introduction of LED Bulb Details


LED bulb is the appearance of people using the habit of the bulb shape - spherical, built-in SMD LED light beads as the fourth generation of green light source, together with the LED filament lamp is considered to be the alternative to traditional incandescent choice.

LED bulb and all the same as the LED lamps are green, healthy and energy saving, highlight the long life, no flicker, do not attract mosquitoes, etc., are widely used in commercial, civil lighting market.

Second, the composition of LED bulb LED bulb main components are: drive, lamp beads, lamp beads substrate, radiator, PC cover, PBT, shell, lamp holder.

LED bulb driver is divided into: RC drive and IC driver. RC drive voltage fluctuation range is very narrow, encountered voltage instability, it is easy to burn. The new light source can use the low voltage range of 100V-130V, high voltage range of 220-240V. The voltage is too high will burn, too low will be dark, there are strobe.

The IC driver can accept 10% of the voltage fluctuation range, usually can use the low voltage range of 90-160V, high pressure range of 160-260V, no flicker.

LED bulbs are made of plastic aluminum structure, fully integrated with the plastic insulation, corrosion resistance and metal aluminum thermal characteristics of fast, coupled with a unique air convection structure, making the heat more quickly, to ensure life expectancy and reduce light failure.

LED bulb can replace the ordinary incandescent lamp, conventional lamp holder E27, E14, can also be tailored for different countries to achieve the standard lamp.

With the New-lights source factory LED bulb as an example: full voltage 85-265V input and output power of 2.5W, 4W, 6W, 8W, 10W, measured the highest luminous efficiency of 100lm/w, significant>80, light transmittance 85% -90%, luminous angle of 300°, power efficiency of 90% or more, PF> 0.5.

At present we have passed CE certification, the products are exported to the United States, Germany, Britain and other high-standard countries. Life of up to 20,000 hours, providing 2 years warranty.