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Lamp does not light the solution


    When the fluorescent tube is not bright, we can use the following several ways to solve this problem
   1, check the light switch and make it in the connected position, pull the cable switch unscrew the lid to see, the two terminals are connected, pull a few switches can see clearly, the wall switch is generally connected when the upper position The
   2, with a good start to prepare a good start to replace the fault tube lamp starter, the method is to pinch the starter shell, counterclockwise direction to a certain angle, you can win down, installed the starter when the opposite direction of rotation, If the failure of the starter after the replacement, the lamp should be a normal light.
   3, with both hands holding a little turn of the lamp, and sometimes the starter immediately flashed, the lamp on the light, it is because the rotation of the lamp and the tube seat contact good.
   4, take off the other normal use of a good lamp replacement fault lamp, such as lamp light, you can conclude that the fault lamp has been bad.
   5, maintenance should be standing on a dry wooden chair, to avoid leakage of iron lamp umbrella and other unexpected circumstances.