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LED downlight purchase precautions


I believe we are all familiar. We went to shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, where there are LED downlight figure. LED downlight how exactly it, after looking at the contrast. LED downlight long life, high luminous efficiency, environmental protection, eye protection, no glare, safe and reliable in one, in the hotel, hospitals, banks, supermarkets and other commercial lighting areas have been widely used. With the further expansion of the scope of LED downlight, LED downlight is now gradually into the area of home lighting. Because of the use of LED downlight more and more consumers, how to buy a function of the downlight into a widespread concern that we have a question, let us talk about the purchase of LED downlight attention matter.

  First: Power (commonly known as transformers) The quality of the transformer also determines the life of the entire lamp, lamp beads use about 50,000 hours no doubt, but if the transformer is broken, then the entire light will light up. The use of transformers within the electronic components, design solutions for the transformer power, power factor, stability, temperature value, the use of life. If you do not know the common sense of components, from the transformer size, weight, and seek the manufacturer to use electrolytic capacitors and other aspects of the initial judge.
  Second, see how long it can be used, high-quality LED downlight uniform use of life are about 50,000 hours, can be used two to three years in succession, than the average life of energy-saving lamps a few times higher, and low energy consumption, energy-saving lighting The preferred, inferior LED downlight life is only a fraction of the high quality products or perhaps a few tenths, and bad light bad.
 Finally see the brand. In general, the quality of LED lamp LED lamp lighting, packaging technology impact lamp beads quality, cooling and other key elements. Not the same LED downlight brand, the choice is not the same light bead chip, not only the difference between the offer, but the role of lighting is also different. Therefore, we look for the best brand of LED downlight manufacturers, also need to pay attention to some of the exceptionally low price of LED downlight, most of the chips attributed to the defective products, the color temperature is inconsistent, the brightness is poor, the service life is not long, the result instead Not worthwhile.