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Led emergency ball bubble use


   Function and use
   Led emergency bulb for the new energy-saving environmental protection led lights. Will be combined with ordinary lighting and emergency lighting, power failure from the lamp when the internal battery for 3-5 hours. For the majority of users at any time to solve the problems caused by power outages, to avoid security risks. Our LED bulb biggest feature is equipped with online identification circuit, intelligent emergency circuit, charging circuit and precise protection circuit. Can be used in the user's original lighting control lines. There is power when it is lighting and charging, power failure within one second automatically convert emergency lighting. Can be fully used electronic control, non-contact, power consumption is particularly low, greatly improving the efficiency.
    Can be used for shopping malls, hotels, hotels, fire, home, channel, outdoor and other places.
   Emergency lights the original switch can control the mains lighting can also control the emergency lighting, there is no need to install the switch, the user can not only use the emergency lighting, long-term power failure can switch off when the need for lighting and then use. A switch to control an emergency light does not need to change the line with the same light bulb wiring. For a switch to control the lamp when the lamp to ensure the consistency of the line, or the identification of the lamp inside the circuit can not get the correct identification signal led to the switch out of control.