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LED filament lamp new technological process evolution


   LED filament lamp adopts high voltage HVLED and small current drive technology, innovative LED light source and lighting design technology.
   The technical threshold is not high LED filament lamp, LED filament lamp design and manufacturing technology popularization and promotion, we love the world, the incandescent light bulb factory and consumer electronics factory are easy to join the production of LED filament lamp. The world needs 9 billion incandescent lamps, energy-saving, energy-saving and safe LED filament lamp, which can completely help upgrade the incandescent lamp and meet the needs of the world market.
   The core technology of the LED filament lamp is the LED filament and constant current power chip. At present, LED filament lamp is composed of rigid straight wire filament LED constant current drive power  stem glass glass bulb lamp ". In 2017, this standard may be subversive? A new generation of ceramic arc shaped LED filament, metal / graphene LED metal based IC filament, filament, flexible LED filament and arbitrary bending shape has been born and entered the industrial production.
   The metal based IC filament may make the filament light save the current power source that is now configured, and may also change the filament layout design of the current filament. The LED filament lamp, which is directly driven by the AC without AC/DC power, is also pregnant, and a new technological revolution is afoot in the LED filament lamp!
   Arc filament and graphene filament
   LED straight wire filament lamp light distribution curve to hudieban, open the LED straight wire filament lamp, the lamp will be dark and the area around the middle of bright. The light curve of the arc filament LED filament lamp shows a full moon shape, and the arc LED filament will not have a dark area below the filament.http://www.new-lights.com/