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LED Filament Light Makes You Look Beautiful


It is said that buy clothes is a technical live, and selling clothes is a senior knowledge. Whether you have had this experience: the cloth you wear in store looks beautiful but looks worse at home. I believe a lot of people know that is because the store has significantly thin mirror, then it is how to be significantly thin?

Buy a dressing mirror mostly choose a long stripes, long oval also okay. Long-shaped dressing mirror in the visual "elongated" role. There is also a concave mirror, but also very thin people. Second, the ordinary mirror silver-plated reflective effect in general, if the silver-plated layer thicker, according to the portrait will be better look. "In addition to the shape and material, the angle of the dressing mirror also has to pay attention," inclined to the wall to put the best, the general and the ground into 65 degrees to 75 degrees angle. "In addition to the shape and material,

Yellow warm light lining clothes, white light to brighten the skin. Dressing mirror is mainly in the length of the portrait on the "hands and feet"; silver plating layer in order to increase the reflective, you need the light with. Dressing mirror in front to install a spotlight, white or yellow light the best. Yellow light can make clothes and people are bright and bright, warm colors can also allow consumers to relax. In addition, yellow and white light closer to the skin color, white light can make the skin look brighter and more white.

Professional test contrast: clothing store mirror portrait than home "thin" 11%. Different environments with different light, if the majority of warm colors, you can choose to use warm light, if the goods cool colors, then you can choose white, but if you want both, choose a New-lights LED Filament Light, with 2700k -6500k cold and warm color temperature can be adjusted, another color> 80, better color,