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LED flat lights


   LED flat lamp with its illumination uniformity is good, refers to the higher uniformity of light, comfort and other characteristics, are widely used in office, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, home and other places, as the era of LED replacement of traditional grille lamp Good products. LED flat lamp structure includes the frame, diffusion plate, light guide plate, lamp beads, drive power, aluminum plate and other components.
    1, the framework: the impact of the strength of the framework of durability: the framework is an important part of the flat lamp, high strength frame to make the flat lamp more durable. LED panel light side of the frame using different materials, the cooling performance is not the same. According to statistics, the current flat-panel light frame materials are mainly aluminum, steel, PC, A6063, aluminum, steel and other materials.
    2, the diffusion plate: different material light transmission rate is different: the role of diffusion plate is the light guide plate light evenly, but also play the role of fuzzy network, the use of materials mainly acrylic, PC, PS and so on. It is understood that the acrylic transmittance of 92%, PC 88%, PS is also about 80%, acrylic material light transmission than the PC high, and the cost is low, while its anti-aging performance is weak; and PC material price is expensive, But anti-aging performance.
   3, the light guide plate: the plate effect on the light effect: the role of the light guide plate is parallel to the direction of the light transmission plate refracted perpendicular to the direction of the translucent plate, and by the reflective paper to guide the light guide plate to the back of the light And then reflected out. In this process, but also as much as possible to reduce the light failure, in general, light guide plate light efficiency depends largely on the network design, followed by the choice of plate.
    4, power: constant current power mode high efficiency: LED lights with two drive power mode, one is constant current power supply, this mode is high efficiency, PF value of up to 0.95, cost-effective; the other is constant pressure with constant current , Stable performance, but low efficiency, high cost.
    LED flat light with its uniformity of illumination is good, refers to the higher, uniform light  soft and so on, and gradually become the LED era to replace the traditional grid lamp the best products, it will be in the school and other indoor lighting The development of space will be more and more.http://www.new-lights.com/