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LED lamp and patch classification


1, in line LED.The electrical connection takes the form of 2 pin in line, and is the traditional and low-end product. Because of the great thermal resistance of the package, the heat dissipation of the chip is not easy, so the light attenuation is fast and the service life is short. The advantage is that the price is low and can be made with a small angle of discharge.
2, TOP LED.Electrical connections are made in the form of 2, 4 or 6 pin patches and are currently used as a light source. According to the size of the package shape, divided into 0805, 1206, 3528, 3535, 5050, 5060 and other specifications, the greater the package shape, the better the heat dissipation, and the corresponding power is greater, the more output light energy.
3 piranha.It is a 4 pin in line package with better heat dissipation and reliability than the common 2 pin in line. It can withstand 50~70mA operating current and is currently used as a light source.
4, high-power LED.The large size chip and strengthen the thermal channel design and production technology of the LED, usually divided into 0.5W\1W\3W\5W specifications, a single 1WLED can work under current more than 300mA, and the output luminous flux of more than 100 lumens, widely used in civil commercial lighting, traffic control, photography, night vision and other fields. High power LED prices are still high, with the gradual maturity of the technology, it will hopefully replace the traditional lighting source, leading the world into a solid light source era.