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LED lamp instructions


LED lamp use is very wide, then the LED light production line technology and the water line is how the function of it? Then the following company to give you a brief introduction.

LED light production line - waterline technical description Introduction:
1, the water line 10 meters across the board, from the light area 1 meter, 3 meters flooding area, air dry area 1 meter, drying area 4 meters and rice area 1 meter, a total of four sets of independent systems;
2, the water line in addition to the whole barbecue area, all materials are made of 304 stainless steel materials (mainly square, plate, chain network)
3, the water line using PLC control system, there are transportation, flooding action, temperature control, air drying, baking and other functions.
4, the main components are: motor, cylinder, inverter, air dryers, heating devices, rails, transmission institutions and components.
LED light production line - water line function instructions:
1, by the artificial light - flooding - dry - drying - artificial under the lights, five movements.
2, the first artificial equipment will be activated after the lights, the size of the lamp about (100 * 400MM) can be used with a tooling board put two rows (6 / row) a total of 12, the waterline area can be a one-time immersion 12 * 36 products, the speed can be controlled, soaking time can also be transferred. The fastest speed of 5 - 8 minutes to complete a dive action.
3, after flooding the first light through the buffer zone, and then carry out strong winds on the surface of the product water droplets.
4, the product and then a hot air breeze drying treatment, as far as possible the product of water vapor treatment.
5, increase the artificial air guns to dry up the dry device, encountered blowing products through artificial blowing to enhance the surface of the product to deal with water.
6, artificial under the lights, packing or loading car.log on to our official website for more details :http://www.new-lights.com/