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LED lamp power selection


    The living room is bright
60-450w, the living room area generally accounts for the main proportion of the total area of the house, so the demand for light wattage is relatively high, requiring it to ensure the lighting under the premise of the living room is transparent and bright and generous is also particularly important.
The bedroom is soft and warm   13-50w, the bedroom light requirements soft, easy to create a warm atmosphere; there should be no glare of light to make people more likely to sleep, so the requirements of the low wattage of light.
The kitchen is bright enough
3-38w, because people in the kitchen will be carried out for a long time the length of labor, vegetables and other fine action on the light requirements are relatively high. It is necessary to ensure that the kitchen without leaving the dark area, but also to reduce the inconvenience and danger when cooking, so need to choose the light more adequate light.
The number of elderly housing tile high
25-100w, the elderly decreased vision, feel the light is far less than the young people. The elderly need more bright lights to protect things to see things, so the need to select the high wattage of light.
Children's room wattage is low
13-70w, children room room need to choose a soft light, the room is too bright light will stimulate the eyes and thus affect sleep, and low brightness light is conducive to cultivating children's sleep, so to choose low wattage of light.