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LED light selection guide


1. See origin: LED China enterprises mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Min Nan area, these two regions have a lot of good LED enterprises, in accordance with the international "IEC" and "GB" China standard production and testing, the product through the "Chinese energy certification", "CCC", "CE", "UL", "VDE" and other domestic and international certification authority.
2. See: if the enterprise can visit the factory production line is the best, of course, but the regular LED factory will not let ordinary people go to visit the factory production line, because the electronic factory clean and anti-static requirements is very high, so it can be from the enterprise is registered, there is no certification, whether there is a website, Baidu, Google ranking media reports, user feedback and other aspects to judge.
3. See products: (1) from the finish of the product components can be seen in the level of mold, and thus indirectly to see the quality. (2) to see whether there is the same size and solder joints are sharp, that is by manual welding or reflow, wave soldering, SMD machine, PCB tin paste machine, these devices to hundreds of thousands to millions, if the equipment manufacturing LED lamp, there is a world of difference and quality reliability using manual welding products. (3) see if there are defects and defects
4. See parameters, especially the main parameters of LED lamp power LED lamp with luminous efficiency and color rendering index
5. See no glare, glare if there is potential adverse effects on young children at home, is simply the same brightness, light emitting area as possible.
6., Look at the appearance and function, see if the appearance is whether you like it, whether it is artistic, whether there is intelligent control, and whether there are special functions that you need, such as voice control function and so on.
7. After sale, after-sales service is very important, because after all, LED lights can be used for many years, the price is not cheap, after-sales service is very important.
More than 8. of the price index and comprehensive consideration,  lighting electrical remind consumers: a penny goods, countless past experience tells us: too expensive is not necessarily good, too expensive and often trap.