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LED panel lamp power factor of the problem


Low power factor harm
(1) The load capacity of the power supply equipment is discounted, ie the load capacity is reduced. If a device can supply 100KVA apparent power, if the power factor is 0.7, then it can only supply 70KW active power. If the power factor is 0.9, 90KW active power can be supplied, which shows that it is meaningful to improve the power factor.
(2) transmission line due to the existence of reactive current, an increase of transmission line losses. For example, a power factor of 0.7, to provide 70KW of active power, you need to provide 100KVA apparent power, transmission line current increases, the line loss will inevitably increase.
Power factor compensation method
The power supplied by the power supply department is calculated based on "apparent power", but the received power fee is calculated based on "active power", and the user's "power meter" is actually "active power meter" A "power factor" discount, so the power factor is a very concerned about the power supply department, a data. If you do not achieve the ideal power factor, the user is relatively depleting the power sector resources. At present, the power factor for the domestic regulation must be between the inductive 0.9 ~ 1.