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LED panel light: how to deal with light bulb fever


   LED panel light - bulb heat disposal method:
   Dispose of LED bulb heat, mainly from the two aspects of the start, before packaging and packaging, can be understood as LED chip cooling and LED bulb cooling. LED chip cooling and substrate and circuit selection and skills related to this article is not discussed. This article first introduced the LED bulb heat, because any LED will be made of lamps, so the heat of the LED chip is always the final through the lamp shell to the air. If the heat is not good, because the LED chip heat capacity is very small, a little bit of heat accumulation will make the chip jitter temperature increase, if the long-term operation in the high temperature situation, its longevity will soon shorten. But these heat to be able to really lead the chip to reach the outside air, to go through many paths. Specifically, the LED chip heat, from its metal heat block out, first through the solder to the aluminum plate PCB, and then through the thermal plastic to the aluminum radiator. So the LED hotel engineering lighting heat actually contains some heat and heat two.
   But the LED panel lamp shell cooling according to the power of the size and use of places, there will be different selection. Now the following are the following several ways to heat:
① aluminum cooling fins: This is the most common method of cooling, with aluminum cooling fins as a shell to add some heat dissipation area.
② thermal plastic shell: plastic molding in the plastic filled with thermal information, add plastic shell thermal conductivity, cooling capacity.
③ air fluid mechanics heat: air fluid mechanics using the lamp shell shape, to create convection air, which is the lowest cost to strengthen the cooling method.
④ fan lamp shell with long life efficient fan to strengthen the heat: low cost, the role of good. But to change the fan that is more trouble, nor for outdoor, this plan is relatively rare.
⑤ heat pipe cooling skills: heat pipe using heat pipe technology, the heat from the LED chip to the shell cooling fins. In large fixtures such as street lamps etc. It is more common in planning.
⑥ surface radiation heat treatment lamp shell appearance Radiation heat treatment: the brief is to modify the radiation cooling coating, the heat can be taken away from the light shell appearance.