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Lighting decoration to buy eight major principles


Functional principle
Universal lighting can be used in general illumination, and for art, such as the use of key lighting to the entrance.
Simple principle
Lighting in the room should play the role of finishing touch.
Convenience principle
When selecting a lamp, be sure to consider replacing the lamp.
Energy saving principle
Energy-saving lamps energy-saving, good lighting, it will not distribute too much heat, for long lamps.
Safety principle
Be sure to choose the regular manufacturers of lamps. Large bathroom, the kitchen should use waterproof lamps.
Space principle
Different use of the function of the room, should be installed in different styles, lighting, lighting.
The principle of coordination
The same room a variety of lamps, should maintain color coordination or style coordination.
Hue principle
Follow the warm tone-based, cool colors, supplemented by the principle of creating a warm and comfortable home atmosphere.