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New-lights LED Filament Bulb Meet the Different Demands of People


As our age grows, our eyes will change. More than 45 years old, our vision will be a recession. Studies show that 60-year-olds want to see the details, the need for light intensity is two to five times more than 20-year-old young people, not to mention the need light intensity for focusing on the work.

People often call for headaches and fatigue, and these symptoms may have many potential causes, but one of the reasons is likely to be poor lighting conditions, resulting in long-term eye tension. Illumination intensity will bring visual discomfort, but also lead to neck pain, headache and fatigue.

Experts have made a survey. In this survey, the respondents can adjust according to their own preferences on the lamp intensity and color temperature, after adjusting 90% of the respondents said they are more acutely vision, eye comfort improved, can see more subtle details, and can better distinguish things. Because personal preferences are widely, in order to allow people to adjust the lighting that suit their own state, personalized control is the only viable way.

New-lights LED adjustable light filament lamp not only has 120lm / w of light efficiency, 80 of the show, 30000 hours of life, while the performance is dimmable. Users can adjust the brightness and color temperature of light according to their own needs to meet the demands of different age groups and to create a satisfactory light environment.

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