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New-lights Participate in Annaheim in United Stated


Annaheim has been successfully held for 5 sessions, the exhibition is sponsored by the United States Pennwell which is always being held in the United States, and held in 2014 for the first time in Los Angeles. The show made a very good effect, which also greatly enhanced the influence of the show. And this year is our first time to participate, our company will bring LED new stunning debut 714 booth to show our brand strength.

New light LED lamp with flame retardant PC cover, light transmittance of more than 90%; use wafer 2835 lamp beads, light failure smaller, longer life; new die-casting aluminum, rotating lamp; intelligent IC driver, Suitable for 85V-265V voltage; high luminous flux, light efficiency reached 100LM / W; life of up to 30000H, and we also provide two-year warranty which has superior performance and high cost.

As a new light source has been proud of the LED filament lamp, has always been the focus of industry attention, the show is no exception. From the drive R & D, packaging, assembly production to sales, self-export, the new light source perfect interpretation of a LED filament lamp birth and dissemination. We use a high light transmission, good heat sapphire light bar; 99.9% pure gold wire conductive; light efficiency reached 150LM / W, and do a long point of 2000 hours light failure <5%; 25000H life, 5 years of warranty; our filament lamp also passed the CE, RoHS, ERP, SAA certification. Its excellent quality coupled with the new and beautiful shape, fully embodies the new light source of strong R & D production strength, customer support will also spur us to create a more excellent performance of the product.