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Panel lamp installation instructions


One, embedded installation
   1. Before installation, ensure that the tablet lights are working properly. And then put the flat lights on the dragon
     The diagonal position of the bone frame.
   2. Place the drive power next to it and put the flat light into the ceiling.
   3. Horizontal rotation of the flat lamp 45 °, so that the bottom of the flat panel with the ceiling side of the overlap.
   4. Rotate the flat panel lamp 90 ° in the vertical direction so that the flat lamp coincides with the keel frame and makes it flat
     The board is facing down.
   5. Adjust the flat light until it is close to the ceiling until it is as smooth as the ceiling.
Two, hanging installation
   1. Fix the fixing parts in the four corners of the flat lamp
(1). Install the fixed parts, put a cushion on the floor, so as not to scratch or damage the flat lamp. <2> Tighten the screws, but the force should be appropriate to avoid damaging the flat lights.
(2) Fix the fixing fixture to the four corners of the ceiling
Three, ceiling installation
   First install the ceiling fitting on the flat lamp, and then hit the ceiling on the edge of the accessories on the ceiling
Four. Inhalation installation
   Square panel lights
   1. First open the ceiling according to the corresponding lamp size. (Unknown size of the hole, please ask manufacturers)
   2. Connect the wires and fixtures correctly according to the instruction manual. Press the spring clamp on both sides of the lamp until it is vertical and slowly insert the lamp into the ceiling of the opening.
   3. Once again confirm the hole size and line connection, are confirmed correct, release the spring on both sides of the button. Please ensure that the lamp installation is stable.


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