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Safety of LED lamps


Although LED lamps are not bulky items, but also need to use the electricity, so in practical, safety can not be ignored.
Leakage current: because the LED lamp is a one-way conductive luminous body, so if LED there is a reverse current leakage, the leakage current is too large, the life of LED will be reduced, but also affects the safe use and easy to cause short circuit etc.
LED lamp: General LED colloid colloid is epoxy resin, in the selection of the time can choose to join the anti ultraviolet and fire retardant products, although the price is higher, but the LED lamp these features into the safety is improved.
Antistatic ability: LED and so on antistatic ability, the life is also longer, generally speaking, antistatic resistance is bigger than 700V LED, can use in the LED lamp.log on to our official website for more details :http://www.new-lights.com/