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Several Advantages of LED Panel Lights II


LED theoretical life of up to 100,000 hours, calculated 8 hours a day, the theoretical career will be 27 years. While the LED panel theoretical life even more than 10 million hours.

The LED light source of the panel is made of high hardness resin instead of tungsten glass, which is not easy to be damaged. So the vibration is relatively high. In addition, it has good temperature flexibility.

LED panel lights are also green lighting technology. It has no mercury, no radiation; the manufacturing process is almost no pollution. All of the materials used can be recycled, and these recyclable features are critical to sustainable economic and social development.

LED panel lights can be controlled by a variety of dynamic programs, because it can be through the external controller in the brightness and CCT dimmed.

LED panel light brightness can be adjusted according to different needs or circumstances. It provides soft eyes of the eye that can protect eyesight, no radiation and glare or unpleasant light. Where all the colors are moderate, so people can look directly at the light and not dazzle.

The main advantage of LED panel lights is its customization. Due to their thinness and the way the LEDs are fixed to the panel itself, they can be shaped into almost any type of preference. These allow them to be used for traditional lighting difficult or impossible applications.

There is no doubt that the traditional LED lights are popular, but one of its serious shortcomings is that a single broken LED may have a considerable negative impact on other people nearby. Using the LED panel, due to careful consideration of the circuit design, this problem is greatly reduced. As a result, panel lighting is the best choice for areas that can not guarantee stable voltage supply. Using the LED panel, unlike incandescent bulbs, there is no risk of overheating because the LED has no thermal effect.

Used for light panel acrylic impact resistance and a variety of corrosive chemicals; can also withstand the cold and low temperature and humidity levels. This durability makes the LED board ideal for installation in areas where it is not easy to maintain, for example, where it is possible to close the building's inaccessible area. The use of LED panels here will result in a decrease in total cost.