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T5 integrated led fluorescent tube instructions


    T5 integrated led fluorescent tube as a combination of lamp and bracket, commonly known as integrated led fluorescent tube, usually divided into T8 integrated led fluorescent tube and T5 integrated led fluorescent tube, T8 integrated led fluorescent tube size is relatively large, light Angle is also large, T5 integrated led fluorescent tube just the opposite.
   1. Structure: There are two kinds of power, one is single-ended power, plug the plug, power on the light. One is double-ended power. The internal AC line is parallel and is equipped with a connector for the purpose of being used in series.
The basic accessories are: three-core power plug, fixed bracket metal buckle two, for connecting the lamp connection plug.
   2. How to connect the three wires of the plug?
Usually the two lines are with the power supply, there is a line is the ground. Rangte marked the yellow line is the ground line. So how to judge the ground line. Ground and the base is connected, if it is aluminum bracket, then the ground will be connected with the aluminum bracket, which can determine which ground is the ground. So, authentic integration led lamp shell is aluminum fishes, one is good heat dissipation, the second is good grounding and security. If the double-ended conductive, T5 integrated LED tube can be used in series, including the professional design of the built-in power supply, can be directly input voltage AC220V ~ 50Hz, direct installation.
   3. Installation Note: The product is installed to cut off the power after the accident to avoid accidents. Non-professionals do not repair, maintain, disassemble and disassemble the lamp.
   4. The biggest features: including led drive power, no need ballast, power on the light.