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T8led fluorescent tubes, dead lights, what do you think?


The dead lights phenomenon refers to different degrees of flickering or not bright T8led fluorescent lamp startup.

LED damage for two reasons: one is beyond two is beyond the current voltage; leakage current withstand voltage test are located at about 10mA, generally will not exceed the current LED value allowed. The most likely cause of LED damage is voltage overload.
The reasons are as follows:
1, LED chip quality problems, especially green and blue lights, the most likely to die
2, as well as performance, the drive and cooling is a big aspect. The high water content in colloid have great beads may lead to short-circuit and leakage phenomenon.
From the above analysis of the T8led fluorescent lamp can be seen as possible in the anode and aluminum substrate (shell) between connected with a small capacitor, death phenomenon can significantly improve the LED lamp.