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Talking about the light failure of led lamp


     Although the light of the LED lighting than incandescent and fluorescent lamps have improved, but can not completely overcome the problem of light failure. LED light failure for the following main factors: LED product quality problems, the use of LED chip quality is not good, brightness attenuation faster. Also, if the heat is not good, also led to increase the light fade, led lamp beads life greatly shortened. Lamps to use a good aluminum to ensure that heat. LED chip cooling can not be well derived from the PIN pin, resulting in LED chip temperature is too high chip attenuation intensified. Use conditions, LED constant current drive, some LED lights using voltage drive causes, so that LED attenuation too fast. The drive current is greater than the rated drive condition. In fact, led to LED product light failure for many reasons, but the most critical or cooling problem. The better the thermal performance, the lower the LED operating temperature, the smaller the light fade, the longer the LED life.
In fact, the lamp light failure is a must work through the process, we in the selection of lamps, you should try to choose the quality and better heat dissipation of the lamp, the use of the process should also minimize the lamp load in order to delay the light decay rate , To extend the lamp life. Whether to meet the light failure, vary from place to time, first look at the needs of the illumination, if an office area, the face of the illumination may really need 300lx, if not up to the standard will bring easy fatigue and discomfort. Therefore, there are places where illumination requirements, such as office space, museums, gymnasiums, where it is necessary to meet the standard of strict illumination, and LED light source life is relatively long, we need to consider in two years or have to meet that standard, so we At the beginning of the design, it is necessary to leave margin. In the hotel application we are more concerned about the feelings of people into the whole light environment to create, the specific illumination is how much, in fact, not much difference, because the human visual experience great flexibility.
Some special occasions, to see the use of occasions and requirements. If you use the decorative effect, only need to have colorful colors only, such as red, green, blue and other led lights, more do not need to consider the light failure, only pay attention to color effects. This time only need to consider two issues. The first is the safety and reliability, as far as possible to improve reliability, halfway can not be bad, so as not to affect the overall decorative effect, the second is waterproof, if used for outdoor, water level must be at least IP65-IP68, Outdoors. If the water leakage, the direct result is damaged, poor handling will be easy to leakage. This time safe and reliable to become our main consideration factor.


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