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The Advantages of New-lights LED bulbs


With the deepening of environmental protection concept, LED bulb has become main tool for future illumination from both environmental protection and energy-saving aspects. Even though, LED bulb is higher in price than regular bulb, its superiority greatly outweighs regular energy-saving bulb and filament bulb in long term.

LED has three main advantages. Firstly, it is efficient and energy saving. Light principle of regular bulb is transforming thermal energy into light energy in which process wastes a lot of energy. LED bulb directly transforms electric energy into light energy, which saves a lot of energy. Generally, the luminous light of regular bulb is 20LM/W, the LED is 80-120LM/W. From that we can observe LED bulb’s energy-saving advantage visually. The luminous efficiency of LED can reach 90%, regular bulb is 30%, energy-saving bulb is 60%.

Secondly, LED bulb is environmentally friendly and safe. LED bulb does not contain mercury which is friendly to the environment. Besides, its light is harmless, LED bulb does not output harmful light. Almost 99% of fluorescent tubes contain mercury and output ultraviolet light, more or less. LED bulb does not output harmful ultraviolet light or infrared light.

Thirdly, LED bulb has a longer lifetime. Usually a LED bulb’s lifetime will exceed 20000 hours, with a luminous maintenance rate of 70%. LED bulb with good heat exchange will prolong its lifetime. Heat exchange is important for LED bulb.

There are varieties of LED bulbs in market at present including LED Tube China, LED Glass Tube, LED Filament Bulb, LED Panel Light and so on. An excellent LED bulb illuminates clearly, avoids glare, protect environment and is good in heat exchange.

Apparently, as long as the cost of LED bulb decreased because of the improvement of LED technical, LED bulb will replace energy-saving bulb and filament bulb one day. At present, the State pays more attention to lighting energy saving and environmental protection and already strongly promotes LED bulbs, especially in government projects.