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The main factors affecting the performance of LED lamps


Drive power: drive power conversion efficiency is low, reducing light efficiency; low conversion efficiency will increase the power loss, converted into heat, making the power supply temperature, affecting the life of the power supply and other performance; if it is a one-piece lamp, but also affect the LED light source Life and light efficiency. High-power lamps require a higher power factor (PF) and a smaller percentage of THD to reduce power grid losses and improve grid quality. Drive power is best isolated power supply, be safe and reliable.

  LED light source: LED light source luminous efficiency directly affects the efficiency of lamps and lanterns, the higher the efficiency, the heat generated is small, the more conducive to improving light efficiency, more durable. LED light source package to facilitate the heat and improve the utilization of light, which will help reduce the temperature and extend the life of the LED.

  Cooling Housing: LED's luminous efficiency and life expectancy are mainly affected by temperature, the higher the temperature, the lower the luminous efficiency, shorter life expectancy, lamp housing to facilitate thermal conductivity. Lamp shell temperature is generally less than 55 ℃.

  Light distribution: light distribution affect the utilization of light, the higher utilization, the loss of heat generated by the smaller, which will help extend the life of the LED, the design of a good selection of light-transmitting material, calculate the location of the LED light source.