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The proper use of LED lamps


      Here to introduce the correct way to use LED, LED lights manufacturers can be used as a reference. First of all to understand the LED pin forming method.
     LED cleaning and overcurrent protection is also the key to the proper use of LED.
      Care must be taken when cleaning colloids with chemicals, as some chemicals are damaged on colloidal surfaces and cause discoloration such as trichlorethylene, acetone, and the like. Can be wiped with ethanol, impregnated, the time at room temperature no more than 3 minutes.
      Overcurrent protection is to protect the LED in series to make it stable, so it is necessary and important to take correct overcurrent protection on the LED.
      The above is just a brief introduction to the use of LED some of the conventional methods, more correct use of LED category has not yet mentioned, such as the correct welding method.
      1, must be 2 mm from the colloid to bend the bracket.
      2, stent forming must be done with a fixture or by a professional.
      3, stent forming must be completed before welding.
      4, stent forming to ensure that the pin and spacing on the same line.
      LED pins on the shape of a general understanding, we can find some use of LED, in the packaging need to pay attention to the problem.
      Due to the design of the need to bend the foot and cut feet, bending feet and cut legs on the LED, the bending foot and cut the foot from the colloid position is greater than 3mm.
      The bend should be done before welding. When using LED lights, pcb board hole spacing and LED foot spacing to be corresponding. Cut the foot due to the vibration of the machine to produce a high voltage static vibration, so the machine should be a reliable grounding, do anti-static work (can blow the fan to eliminate static electricity).http://www.new-lights.com/