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The quality of LED lamps can be distinguished from these aspects


1 light beads quality of different quality LED chip is the key to life expectancy, life has a decay of light. Light fades small, long life, high prices. Chip quality determines the brightness and light of the lamp beads. Good light beads not only light pass high, and the light is also small.
 2 light effect: the same function of the lamp beads, the higher the luminous efficiency, the higher the brightness. The same lighting brightness, the smaller the power consumption, the more energy efficient. The same batch of lamps with the same color temperature, the higher the price.
3 drive power:
LED lamps must be equipped with high quality, high efficiency drive power. The power factor of the driver is above 0.9. LED lamps do not have a good drive power can not guarantee the quality and life of the product.
4 heat dissipation: a Radiator material: Now the radiator material is generally the largest aluminum, the best for the insert aluminum, aluminum car (aluminum, aluminum extrusion) followed, the worst is cast aluminum. B Radiator structure: LED lamp beads and aluminum plate, aluminum shells between the contact area, the tightness of the assembly will directly affect the core of the LED chip temperature and heat transfer effect. C radiator area: LED lamp radiator area size determines the cooling effect of LED lamps, if the cooling conditions are not good, the lamp beads at high temperatures, the light will be great, the lamp life will be shortened.http://www.new-lights.com/