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The reason the lamp does not shine


1. Fluorescent light at both ends of the fluorescent tube, but the lamp step can be normal.
  Cause Analysis:
    A:Because the temperature is too low, winter is more common
    B:power supply voltage is too low, the summer when more, especially in rural areas
    C:lamp aging serious, both ends of the lamp obviously black.
2. The lamp can not light.
    Analysis of the reasons: may be bad contact, the starter damage, filament has been broken, switch for the lamp bad, ballast bad
3. Lamp light after the light in the tube rotation, commonly known as rolling dragon.
    Analysis of causes: This is a temporary phenomenon of new tube or is not good for contact.
4. Lamp brightness is reduced.
    Analysis of causes: lamp aging (blackened at both ends of the lamp);
5. The lamp is bright but the light flashes.
    Cause analysis: lamp quality is not good.
6. Both ends of the lamp are black.
    Analysis of reasons: lamp aging, need to be replaced.
7. There are black spots on both ends of the lamp.
    Cause Analysis of mercury condensation in the lamp, after the start can be self-evaporation is a normal phenomenon.
8. The ballast is overheated.
    Cause analysis: poor ventilation or internal coil inter-turn short circuit.
9. Electromagnetic sound is large.
    Analysis of the reasons: poor quality ballast, silicon steel sheet vibration.
10. Ballast smoke.
    Cause Analysis: Internal coil short circuit.
11. Open the switch and turn it off immediately after the lamp is flashing.
    Cause Analysis: This may be the wrong wiring, the filament blown.