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The Trend of LED Bulb Light


LED bulb light is a new type of energy-saving lamps that replace traditional incandescent bulbs. Traditional incandescent  high energy consumption, short life, in the global resource environment, has gradually been banned by the production of governments, followed by alternative products are electronic energy-saving lamps, although the electronic energy-saving lamps to improve energy efficiency, But because of the use of a lot of pollution of the environment of heavy metal elements, but also contrary to the general trend of environmental protection. With the rapid development of LED technology LED lighting has become the new green lighting choice. LED in the light principle, energy saving, environmental protection level are far superior to traditional lighting products.With the rapid development of led lighting technology, led bulb energy-saving effect has reached a very high level, in the same light effect of the case, the energy consumption has been reduced to 1/8 of the incandescent and electronic energy-saving lamps 1 / 2, so led lighting products to replace the current traditional lighting products will be the trend of the times.

But because the led bulb light is more complicated than incandescent in the structure .so even in the case of large-scale production, the product price will be higher than the incandescent lamp, the current price of led bulb is also higher than the electronic energy-saving lamps .But as more and more people know and accept, as well as the scale of the production slowly spread, led bulb prices will soon reach the level of electronic energy-saving lamps. If you count on the purchase of an energy-saving account, you will find that even now the higher prices, in the use of a year on the basis of the initial purchase cost + 1 year electricity costs are lower than incandescent and electronic energy-saving lamps. While the current life of led bulb has been up to 30,000 hours.

In view of the current led bulb light, The future development of the road led is still very long. Hope that led bulb can be used by a wide range of home users.