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Using Rules and Maintenance Methods of Led Bulb Light


Affect the appearance, which is the most basic harm, gold is also afraid of dust. Security risks, long-term cleaning, due to part of the aging metal parts, there is a certain security risks. Vision damage, long-term cleaning, lighting will be relatively dark light, often in the dim light will cause poor mental state. According to the survey, do not clean up the dust within a year, the brightness of the Led Bulb Light will be reduced by 30%. Life shortened, long-term cleaning lamps, will make the lamp surface dust, in the heat and luminous effect will be greatly reduced, so that lamp life reduction.

Precaution is the best remedy to understand some of the basic use of lamps and lanterns, the maintenance of the lamp and the life expectancy will be a lot of peace of mind. Buy back the lights, do not busy installation, should carefully read the installation instructions, and then follow the installation instructions in accordance with the good lighting, or there may be dangerous.

In the maintenance and maintenance do not change the structure of the lamp, do not arbitrarily change the parts of the lamp, after maintenance, should be installed as is the lamp, do not miss, misplaced lighting parts; in the use of lamps do not frequent switching, Although the number of LED lights resistant switch is about 18 times the normal fluorescent lamp, but too often will often affect the LED lamp internal electronic components life, thus affecting the lamp life.

Special note is that, in addition to special LED lamps, the ordinary LED lighting should be avoided in the use of wet environments. , Humid environment will affect the LED lamp drive power of electronic components, electronic components damp, lamp life shortened. Therefore, moisture is the key to lighting maintenance, especially the bathroom, bathroom lights and kitchen stove headlamps, should be installed moisture-proof lamp cover to prevent moisture intrusion, to avoid corrosion damage or leakage short circuit.

Finally, the LED light is best not to use water to clean, as long as the dry wipes can be wiped with water, if not careful to touch the water to try to dry, avoid the lights immediately after wiping with a wet cloth.