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What are the main components of the LED panel lamp?


With the development of LED lighting industry, the LED panel lamp, which is most popular with consumers, has uniform light, no glare and exquisite structure, but many consumers don't know its components.
1. Panel lamp aluminum frame: it is the main channel of LED heat dissipation, and its appearance is simple and generous.
2.LED light source: LED lamp usually use 3528, and direct light emitting LED Huahui lighting panel lamp with a large size of 3030 three chip, each chip safety lens, guarantee after use, no dark, no shadow;
3.LED light guide plate: the side LED light through the dot refraction to make the light from the front of the uniform, the light guide plate is the key point of the quality control of the LED panel lamp.
4.LED diffusion plate: the light uniformity of the guide plate can be derived, and can also play the role of fuzzy dot.
5. Reflective paper: the back light on the back of the light guide plate is reflected to improve the light effect.
The 6. part: the main function is to seal the LED panel light, generally with 1060 Aluminum, can also play a role in cooling point.
7. Drive power supply: there are 2 kinds of LED driving power supply, one is using constant current current and two is constant voltage power supply with constant voltage band.
8. Installation hanger: hanging steel wire, buckle mounting bracket, etc. for installation of fixed parts.


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