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What is plastic LED lamp


   Plastic led lamp refers to the LED lamp shell for the plastic, the general material with PMMA, PC more, LED light is also part of the proliferation of plastic to do, are used PC material, the general LED lamp plastic parts are added to the ordinary PC material, transparent material PC material made of LED lamp head using similar to the PA material, but this material is better heat dissipation. Ordinary pc plastic tube used for a long time easy to yellow, brittle, heat is also a big flawed.
   Plastic thermal conductivity is generally 0.14 ~ 0.34 or so, are dielectric insulation materials, plastic instead of aluminum LED lamp shell, we must first pay attention to the choice of plastic to have a higher heat dissipation, that is, high thermal conductivity, high strength. This is because the lamp shell and no heat fins, in order to reduce the shell thermal resistance, requiring thin-walled shell, the selected plastic must have high melting point high modulus and high strength, and can withstand many high and low temperature cycle test.
   Currently on the market led fluorescent lamp has three categories. Glass tube, semi-plastic semi-aluminum, plastic pipe. led fluorescent lamp is mainly applied with indoor lighting. For example, office space, school. Shopping malls, can be described as a wide range. Glass tube is easy to break, which is forever can not change the fact that semi-plastic semi-aluminum tube costs are too high, and the risk of leakage, want to popular more difficult.