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What is the difference between the brightness of the LED tube and the brightness of the ordinary tube?


Fluorescent lamp, LED fluorescent lamp and traditional are the same in size and diameter, 20W traditional fluorescent lamp, the actual power consumption is about 53W, 30W/40W traditional fluorescent lamp, the actual power consumption is about 60W/68W; 10WLED fluorescent light than traditional 40W fluorescent lamp is brighter than the traditional 12WLED fluorescent lamp, 60W fluorescent lamp brighter LED fluorescent lamp brightness especially softer more people to connect to teach, the service life of -10 million in the 50 thousand hours of power supply voltage of AC85V-265V, without starter and ballast, start fast, small power, no stroboscopic, not easy to visual fatigue, it is not only more environmentally friendly energy superpower. It is one of the key products developed by the national green energy saving lighting project, and is the main product to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp at present.LED fluorescent lamp installation is very simple, the installation of the original fluorescent lamp down, put on LED fluorescent lamp, and ballast and starter removed, so that 220V AC mains directly to the ends of LED fluorescent lamp can be. LED fluorescent lamp saves electricity as high as 80% or more, the life span is 10 times of ordinary lamp tube.http://www.new-lights.com/
First of all, the ordinary tube is fluorescent lamp, the light principle is different from the LED tube. When the fluorescent lamp is luminous, the ballast is energized to generate high voltage instantaneously, and the discharge between the two pins of the lamp tube is excited, and then the phosphor is excited to shine. The process produced high fever. LED luminescence is the electron transfer within the semiconductor, resulting in luminescence, which does not produce heat. That's why LED is called a cold light source.
Secondly, the LED tube has high light efficiency and high brightness. Now on the market good LED fluorescent tube, light effects can reach more than 130, is about two times the effect of fluorescent lighting. That is to say, the 18W LED fluorescent lamp can be used as 36W fluorescent lamp. From the actual lighting effect, 130lm/W's LED 18W light can be used as 48W fluorescent lamp. Third, the LED tube has a long service life. LED life can reach more than 50000 hours (excluding power), fluorescent tube (excluding power), service life is 10000-20000 hours.