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Why is the price of a similar LED lamp so different?


   Many consumers in the purchase of LED lamps, will encounter such problems, some LED lamp appearance looks very similar, why some sell 15 yuan, while others sell 115 yuan, such as online selling LED bulb as long as a few dollars, while in the mall to buy a LED bulb to dozens of pieces of money but, why is the price difference so much, what caused such a big price difference?
   1, brand effect: as we go to buy clothes, some clothes as long as tens of dollars, but to thousands of dollars, expensive natural brand, similarly, can sell hundreds of thousands of LED lights that must be brand goods, if to use Baidu Search, should have this card details online the son, even though reviews more than ten dollars and more than 100 dollars to the exterior looks the same, but because of the brand effect, the price is not the same.
   2, different raw materials: like the flea market to sell clothes as long as tens of dollars, the clothes to see that the general quality, while in the mall to buy thousands of pieces of cloth is certainly good, LED lights are cheap, must be in the material on hands and feet, in order to save costs, general using cheap LED chip and the LED lamp shell, and your natural materials used better, the product itself will be more security.
   The difference between the 3, design: LED lamp price expensive, must have a product designer at LED lamp manufacturers, in the color design, function, collocation and application have made overall requirement, and the LED lamp low plagiarized, styles are the same, such as ceiling lamps, LED the chandelier in the style of LED.
   4, customer service service: LED lamp is expensive, it has some added value, can provide perfect customer service service, this is the brand and price to support, and LED lights a few dollars no time, no time to do customer service, if the product is out of the question, only to re purchase.http://www.new-lights.com/