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Why LED lamp will appear dark spots?


Dark spots appear on the LED lamp, what is the reason?

1, Lamp beads arranged, the number of lamp beads, lamp beads arranged and the number of lights is not enough;

2, Lamp housing selection, this situation is the most, mainly the distance between the lamp beads and the PC cover, light board sinking profile, the light is better.

3, In the production process each lamp beads voltage mixed with different, will result in such a situation.

4, The new tube assembly just appeared on this issue, it is less than the number of LED, the lack of density, uneven light with dark area; use only appears for some time, it is a serious LED light failure.

5, It may be for this reason: first and after the series of light board, light beads beating too much light, there are dark areas where the light and dark one can be removed to test the light, take a look at these three A lamp beads, a dark area corresponding to the lamp beads is not lower than both sides of the light flux.