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  • Q. 1. I am interested in New Lights' products, how can I understand more?

    ANS: Please refer to the “Contact Us” page and reach our sales manager through email at [email protected],[email protected] or make a direct phone call to +86 183-5831-5743. You may also leave us a message in the Feedback session.

  • Q. 2. How long can I receive a sales representative reply after my inquiry?

    ANS: We promise to reply to every inquiry within 12 hours on a working day (Monday-Saturday, Beijing Time).

  • Q. 3.How can New Lights' sales representative help customers?

    ANS: Customers can reach our sales representative if they want to receive digital catalogs, ask for a price quotation, seek technical support and business opinions, or asked for samples.

  • Q. 4. Is New Lights a trading company?

    ANS: New Lights started as a fluorescent tubes manufacturer in 1998 and expanded into an integrated trading and manufacturing company. We own 2 factory buildings and an international trading company. That’s why we are selling at a competitive price and sales representatives are strong technical advisors.

  • Q. 5. What are the main products of New Lights?

    ANS: We have 20 years of experience in tubular lighting sources, that’s why we have a high production capacity in top-quality T8 LED & fluorescent tubes (including UV light). As we also started LED filament bulbs production early, we have a comprehensive collection of standard, decorative, colored light source or dimmable models. LED Panels (dimmable available), SMD bulbs, batten lights, aquarium lamps, mosquito lamps, etc. are available also.

  • Q. 6. Do New Lights support custom service?

    ANS: Yes, we welcome custom service requests from customers. Understanding that customers may have different requirements on product configuration or special needs on unique products, New Lights R&D and technology team will support with the best effort. Customers can provide samples and documentation on specifications to our sales representative for customization.

  • Q. 7. What are the strengths of New Lights' products?

    ANS: New Lights have 20 years of experience in the lighting industry. We have well-developed connections with suppliers of qualified LED components. Our sizable plants and skilled workers maintained the production capacity while our product quality is guaranteed with 2 years warranty. We have obtained CE, RoHS, ERP, and UL certification from TUV and SGS to ease export barriers. With good production designs and top-notch after-sales service, New Lights is certainly the best choice of LED suppliers.

  • Q. 8. How to deal with production & transportation defects?

    ANS: Customers can provide a defect summary on the list of issues with quantities. Also please remark on the operating and storage conditions. We can provide the replacement in the next shipment per contract terms once it is confirmed the defects arising from the supply side.

  • Q. 9. What is the production lead time?

    ANS: Normally, our turnaround time is 7-10 days for sample ( and 25-30days for mass production. During Peak season, we have special shift arrangements to control sample delivery within 12 days and bulk order within 35 days.

  • Q. 10. What are the major markets of New Lights?

    ANS: New Light targets America, Europe & Asia as key markets. We are experienced in export to the US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Italy, UK, Korea, Thailand, Australia, Iran, Israel, Dubai, etc.

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