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Custom processThese are our special exams

  • Price Quotation

    Customers pick desired products, specify quantities and requirements (transportation, packaging, lighting & electrical parameters) through our sales channel (Alibaba, Emails, Phone Calls, etc.). Our sales representative will respond swiftly and offer stepwise bidding.

  • Sample Ordering

    Customers can request samples (handmade)to confirm product quality and adherence to production specifications. Customers' well-being is protected from uncertainties in the usage environment.

  • Bulk Ordering

    Customers can negotiate contract terms(price, quantity, transportation, and packaging) and proceed with the sales representative.

  • Packaging Design

    Customers can send us digital copies of specially designed packaging. Our designer, purchasing & production team will coordinate to work out the requirement.

  • Mass Production

    After packaging design & deposit are confirmed, material purchase and production line assignment will start immediately to minimize production lead time.

  • First-Lot Testing

    Random samples from the first-lot production are selected for configuration & reliability validation. Mass production will go on only the first-lot is qualified.

  • In-time & Post-manufacturing Qc

    Inspection points are in place at every production stage to reduce defect rates and to avoid production delays. Full validation is compulsory for pre-packed goods and independent QC will enforce random sampling before shipment. 3rd party examination is welcomed.

  • Goods Shipment

    With satisfactory QC results, the sales representative will contact customers timely for shipment arrangement per agreement.

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