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How to choose LED filament lamp power supply?

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At present, there are three driving power sources for LED filament lamps:
1. The resistance-capacitance step-down power supply that is about to be eliminated;
2. The current mainstream non-isolated switch constant current drive power supply;
3. The emerging high-voltage linear constant current drive power supply.
At present, the mainstream products of LED filament lamps are C35 candle lamps and A60 bulb lamps, and the space for installing the driving power is very small.

In the LED lighting market segment, LED filament lamps have become a bright spot. LED filament bulbs are connected in series with high-voltage LED chips, which can improve the luminous efficiency under the condition of reducing the current density. After the structure of the light source is simplified, the LED filament lamp faces certain problems of higher cost and automated large-scale production.

In the early stage of LED filament lamp development, only a ring-shaped plastic part was added between the glass bulb and the lamp head to expand the space that can accommodate the power module; with the advent of a new generation of LED filament lamp dedicated drive power chips, many LED drive power The necessary protection function All are concentrated into the chip, their application circuit is more concise, the parts around the application circuit are more scarce, and the production cost is further reduced.

The general parameters of the main product driving power supply for filament lamps:
1. Candle lamp power: 2W, 3W, 4W; output voltage is DC150V, output current is 10-12mA, 14-15mA, 20-22mA;
2. Bulb power: 2W, 4W, 6W, 8W; the output voltage is DC150V, and the output current is 10-12mA, 22-24mA, 33-36mA, 44-48mA.

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