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What are the important problems of led fluorescent lamp power supply?

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The LED fluorescent lamp power supply is one of the most important components in the LED fluorescent lamp tube. A suitable driving power supply is equivalent to having a healthy heart for the LED fluorescent tube.

1.Why do LED fluorescent tubes need constant current drive power?
The LED semiconductor is greatly affected by the environment. As the temperature rises, the current of the LED will increase; the increase of the voltage will also increase the current of the LED. LEDs are current-driven chips that have an extra current. Exceeding the extra current for a long time will greatly shorten the service life of the LED. Using a constant current drive power supply can prevent the LED current from changing with environmental factors such as temperature and voltage.

2. How to match the LED fluorescent lamp power supply with the lamp board?
Some manufacturers plan the light board first, and then look for the power supply, so the power supply found is not very suitable. However, it is also used, and the result is that the LED fluorescent tube has severe heat, low power or poor input voltage range. In fact, when planning the serial-parallel method of the light panel, you can communicate with the manufacturer of the driving power supply and customize it.

3. What is the operating current of the led light source?
Because the size of the LED chip packaged in the LED light source is different, the additional current is also different. The extra operating current of the 3014 SMD lamp beads that we commonly use today is 30mA, and some factories plan to use 30mA from the beginning. In fact, the operating current under this current is very serious. After many comparison experiments, it is planned to be 27 ~ 29mA, and the recommended design is 28mA.

4. What is the operating voltage of the led light source?
It is generally recommended that the operating voltage of white LEDs is 3.0-3.5V. In practice, it is necessary to plan according to the forward voltage of LED lamp beads. When purchasing LED light sources, it is necessary to check the storage to ensure the consistency of the forward voltage of the light sources.

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