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What is the main difference between LED Tube Lights and fluorescent fixtures?

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The main difference between LED Tube Lights and fluorescent fixtures is their electrical system. Fluorescent lights need an extra electronic device called a fluorescent ballast, which regulates the voltage and electrical current to the light. LED technology eliminates the need for an external ballast, and many manufacturers have produced LED tube lights with embedded electronics that are compatible with existing fluorescent ballasts.

LED Tube Lights can be dimmed and work with lighting control systems. They are more expensive due to their more components, but their efficiency and low-maintenance can more than make up for the higher cost. Lastly, LED Tube Lights are available in a variety of materials, including glass, plastic, and aluminum. The choice of material has no effect on the performance of the light, but can affect its aesthetic.

To retrofit a fluorescent fixture with LED Tube Lights, the first step is to remove the fluorescent ballast. This ballast is installed within the fixture housing and is electrically connected to the power source. It is possible to bypass the ballast to run LED Tube Lights directly off the existing ballast, but this can create safety and efficiency issues. For this reason, most end users prefer a direct replacement solution that can be installed without any modifications.

Before choosing the right tube light, it is important to determine the size of the space where you plan to install them. Then, check the label on the tube to determine what size you need. The label is usually located on the end of the tube. You can peel the label off and read it to get the right size. The label will give you the diameter in eighths of an inch.

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